At Kurēn Cycles we manufacture handmade bicycle frames, using the purest traditional techniques.
We work mainly with steel.
Why steel? Nowadays, modern steel tubes are very light and, historically, steel has been the material source par excellence to produce bicycles. A steel bicycle can last a lifetime. Furthermore, steel allows for a big amount of possibilities in detail, bicycle geometry, etc.

For us, working with steel is not something new, our family has traditionally been related to metal work and engineering. We are the family’s third generation working with metal.

We manufacture the frames one by one. We do not produce a series of frames or keep any stock. We use the best materials and devote our time so that every client is fully satisfied with the best product made specially for them. We take particular care in detail and the finish of the product. Our final goal would be to create and produce unique bicycle pieces.

We manufacture all types of frames. Road, cyclocross, track, MTB, etc.

What does Kurēn mean?

Kurēn means Crane in Japanese. It is an ode to nature and Japanese culture. Cranes are slim, graceful and loyal birds, capable of traveling long distance non-stop. Is it not just like a cyclist?

Furthermore, at Kurēn we deeply respect and admire traditional Japanese bicycle builders.